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Aeterius: Contact Wars (for iOS)

Will you make it in time to save Humanity?

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You've just escaped some mysterious alien mother ship. The far space outpost you have been dispatched to was wiped out entirely by hordes of nasty alien beings. Their plan doesn't seem to stop there, so you must make sure Earth is prepared to retaliate. But how can you return home? And will you make it in time?

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Customers & Media Reactions
  • “It’s definitely a fun game to play around with”

  • “Aeterius: Contact Wars is a unique idea that works well for the iPhone[...] well designed and excellently set up”

  • Programming: Florin Dumitrescu

  • Graphics: Carmen Mihail

  • Game concept: Andrei Costescu, Florin Dumitrescu

  • Awesome opensource projects: cocos2d & chipmunk

  • Beta testing: Neo, Adi, Titi, Octy, Vlad, Petru, Georgi, Andrei, Bogdan, Mihai

  • 35 battle arenas and 10 special missions providing you hours of fun

  • 3 ships to choose from

  • 15 power-ups to equip your ship

  • 9 distinct enemies, each with its own abilities

  • local and worldwide high-score tables

  • positional sound and several tunes to rock your ears!

  • iPhone or iPod touch

  • iOS 2.2.1 or later

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